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Quake Mat (price varies)
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Quake Mat (price varies):

(2) 2"x16" QuakeMats
(DVD players, stereos, other electronics)
(2) 4"x14" QuakeMats
(printers, scanners, other peripherals)
(2) 4"x16" QuakeMats
(CPU's, laser printers)
(2) 5"x18" QuakeMats
(larger CPU's, laser printers, etc)
(2) 6"x22" QuakeMats
(large peripherals, desktop copiers)
(1) 7"x9" QuakeMats
(telephones, calculators)
(1) 9"x9" QuakeMat
(larger telephones, calculators)
(1) 10"x12" QuakeMat
(monitor bases, laptops)
(1) 2"x16", (1) 4"x16" QuakeMat
(personal laser printers, fax machines)
These high-friction foam mats are a popular alternative to products that require drilling or adhesives. Made with a high-density polymer that grips both the surface-top and the item's base with suction-like strength, Quakemats secure pieces of equipment with low centers of gravity, such as printers, scanners, or fax machines. Quick and easy to install, Quakemats are easy to move and reposition. One of our most popular items.

Kit contains 5/16" thick Quakemat(s) and installation instructions.