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Shelves & Cabinets

Heavy Duty Snap-Strap Bars (price varies)
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36" SnapStrap Bars
48" SnapStrap Bars
SnapStrap Bars are designed to prevent heavier items such as books and boxes from sliding off of shelves, while still allowing easy access to contents. High-quality Bungee cord is stretched taut by the plastic connectors at either end to restrain shelf contents, and the cord's holding power is increased by aluminum tubing. The bar-like cord swings up easily for convenient access. This form of shelf retention is ideal for overhead bookshelves, law libraries or pharmacy storage shelves.

Kit contains: 36" or 48" black Bungee cord (high-quality latex rubber strands encased in Nylon) 34" aluminum pull-bar tubing, (2) break-resistant plastic end connectors, installation instructions.