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    A variety of products designed to secure items contained in shelves and cabinets.

Earthquake-Resistant Cabinet Latches

"Positive locking" latches like these are a simple and reliable way to keep cabinet contents safely inside the cabinet, even during strong shaking, since the latched door can only be opened intentionally. The latches install inside the cabinet, and, unlike complicated child locks, open with a simple push or pull (depending on the selected model). Both latches will work with any standard 8/32" thread-style knob; pull latch works with cabinet doors up 3/4" thick. The push latch keeps cabinet door open 1/8". Colors available for push latch.

Available colors: black, white, brown Price:$2.95  (2-point)
$3.95 (Pull w/ Knob)
$8.95 (Push)

Pull latch

Pull latch-- pulling knob lifts latch over plate

Push latch-- push latch to release cabinet
click on kit below to purchase at store   

Pull kit contains: (1) steel body with latch plate, installation instructions. Kit with knob comes with (1) chrome knob. Push kit contains: (1) high-quality plastic body and knob.
available kits:    
"pull" latch kit
"pull" latch kit w/ chrome knob
"push" latch kit

GripStrip Hidden Shelf Contents Restraint

GripStrips provide a simple but very effective way of keeping shelf contents stationary during quaking. When placed beneath items, the high-friction, non-adhesive cut-to-size PVC foam mats' double grip, on both the shelf and its contents, prevents movement more effectively than bungee cord restraints. And unlike most other securing methods, GripStrip keeps the items as accessible as they were before being restrained. The PVC foam is static-free and resistant to bacteria and fungus. Ideal for bookshelves.

Available colors: black, putty, gray Price:$5.90  (4.5"x2' roll)
$11.80 (4.5"x4' roll)
$17.70 (4.5"x6' roll)

Prevents forward sliding

Ideal for bookshelves

Simply cut to length
click on kit below to purchase at store   

Kit contains: (1) 4.5"x2', 4' or 6' roll of high-resistance PVC foam with polyester liner, installation instructions. Cut to size; 6' is enough for (2) 36" shelves.
available kits:    
4.5"x2' roll
4.5"x4' roll
4.5"x6' roll

Heavy-Duty Snapstrap Bars

SnapStrap Bars are designed to prevent heavier items such as books and boxes from sliding off of shelves, while still allowing easy access to contents. High-quality Bungee cord is stretched taut by the plastic connectors at either end to restrain shelf contents, and the cord's holding power is enforced by aluminum tubing. The bar-like cord swings up easily for convenient access. This form of shelf retention is ideal for overhead bookshelves, law libraries or pharmacy storage shelves.

Available colors: black, putty, gray Price:$19.95 (36" cord)
$23.95 (48" cord)

Bungee cord runs through tubing

Screw mount ends attach bars to shelving

Bar is pulled up or down to remove books or items
click on kit below to purchase at store   

Kit contains: 36" or 48" black Bungee cord (high-quality latex rubber strands encased in Nylon) 34" aluminum pull-bar tubing, (2) break-resistant plastic end connectors, installation instructions.
available kits:    
36" cord kit
48" cord kit

Storage Rack Straps

These straps are designed to secure the contents of pallet-style storage racks while allowing for easy access. Forward movement by larger items is impeded by the firm Nylon strap, which is placed at 3/4 height of the lowest item on the shelf. The 1"-wide straps come in four lengths (36", 48", 60", 72") to accomodate shelves of all sizes. A quick-release buckle allows for fast, unobstructed access to shelf contents when desired.

Available colors: black Price:$11.95 (1"x36" strap)
$12.95 (1"x48" strap)
$13.95 (1"x60" strap)
$14.95 (1"x72" strap)

Prevents even loose items from falling

Ideal for items in containers on shelves

Quick-release buckle for easy access
click on kit below to purchase at store   

Kit contains: (1) 1"x36", 1"x48", 1"x60", or 1"x72" Nylon strap, (1) resin buckle, installation instructions.
available kits:    
1"x36" strap
1"x48" strap
1"x60" strap
1"x72" strap

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