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    A variety of products designed to secure hanging art and decorative items.

Quake Secure Putty
Quake Secure Putty provides the perfect way of discreetly securing figurines, glassware, vases, and other standalone decorative items against jostling and breaking during an earthquake. The high-tack putty is non-drying, non-toxic, and securely adheres items to all types of plastic, glass and finished wood without damaging their surfaces.

Available colors: putty           Price: $7.95

Adheres easily to bottom of items

click on kit below to purchase at store   

Kit contains: (1) flat 3.68 oz piece of putty, tips for use, and instructions.
available kits:    
standard kit

Picture Perfect Hangers

This method of fastening protects pictures and mirrors (up to 40 lbs) from seismic motion while still allowing them to hang normally. The dynamic leverage design of the spring-kept hook grips the picture more firmly than a normal nail could, and won't bend or allow the wire hanger to dislodge during shaking. This product is easy to install directly into dry-wall or to nail into an existing stud.
Available colors: brass Price:$5.95 (2 Standard Hangers)
$7.50 (5 Standard Hangers)
$12.50 (12 Standard Hangers)
$4.50 (1 Heavy Duty Hook)
$8.95 (2 Heavy Duty Hooks)

Simple but effective security

Heavy-duty hook

Hook up close
click on kit below to purchase at store   

Kit contains: (1), (2), (5) or (12) standard or heavy-duty Picture Perfect hangers, mounting brackets, and installation instructions.
available kits:    
standard hanger kit (2, 5 or 12 hangers)
kit with (1) heavy-duty hanger
kit with (2) heavy-duty hangers

Picture/Mirror Snapstraps

These SnapStraps' flexible nylon webbing and heavy-duty snaps keep a picture or mirror (up to 40 lbs/pair of snapstraps) secure during a quake. The straps screw into the wall via a wall stud, then snap shut around the wire at the back of the frame. SnapStraps can be used to hold the picture by themselves, or can be added to an existing hook as a failsafe. One kit will secure two small frames up to 20 lbs. or 1 large frame up to 40 lbs. Velcro tabs are an optional addition to the frame's lower corners for increased security.

Available colors: black Price:$12.95  (standard kit)
$10.75 (kit w/ Velcro)

A "snap" to install

Two points of support

Easily and firmly clasps wire
click on kit below to purchase at store   

Kit contains: (2) SnapStraps, mounting hardware, installation instructions.
available kits:    
standard kit
kit with Velcro

GripLip Shelf Edge Protectors

Even small-scale earthquakes can wreak havoc on shelf contents, since mild jostling is often all that's needed to send files, books, charts and folders toppling. GripLip shelf extensions and protectors combine two means of restraint to ensure that items stay securely in place. The raised, stainless-steel front lip prevents forward sliding without restricting access, and a high-friction GripStrip mat reduces movement. The shelf extension extends shelf space to comfortably support larger files, while the adhesive shelf protector is designed for contents that already fit. Shelf extension kit contains all necessary hardware.

Available colors: steel, white Price:$42.95  (Shelf Extension)
$45.50 (Shelf Protector)

Shelf extension fits standard shelves

Unrestrained items can jostle out of shelves easily

GripLip holds items in place
click on kit below to purchase at store   

Kit contains: (1) 3" x 35" stainless steel shelf extension or shelf protector with 3M adhesive, GripStrip PVC foam, installation instructions.
available kits:    
shelf extension kit
shelf protector kit

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